Our Services

Spaces That Serve Your People

Our list of services is only the start. What you cannot see are the people who deliver those services. People who are on-site to do whatever it takes, even when the need goes above and beyond our call of duty. People who make sure you have their personal cell phone numbers, so you can contact them whenever you need them.

Our highly trained experts begin by looking at the way you work and the way your operations flow. We listen to the statement you want your workspace to make to the world. Then, we help you realize that vision.

Anyone can spec a chair or draw a cubicle. Lane Office can help you create an interior that is functional, beautiful and motivates you and your people every day.

New Furniture Management

  • On time and on budget project completion
  • Budgeting, scheduling and reporting
  • Subcontractor coordination
  • Warehousing and transportation
  • Sourcing (new, used, existing)
  • Specifications and bill of materials
  • Space planning, CAD
  • Installation and reconfiguration
  • Expense approval and control

Furniture Asset Management

  • Strategic planning, standards migration
  • Inventory survey (identification, counting, valuing)
  • CAD Specification and alternative solutions
  • Redeployment, reuse, reallocation
  • Rehabilitation (refinishing, restoration, repainting)
  • Disposal and brokerage
  • Expense control, tracking, and reporting

Relocation Management

  • Installation and reconfiguration
  • Move management