A Changing Workspace in a Post-Pandemic World

Throughout the past century, we have seen changes in the way we work that can be attributed to societal shifts, breakthroughs in the world of psychology and technological advancements. In recent years, a push toward open, collaborative office spaces seemed to be just what the world needed until it became clear that it was not. What started off as a plan to increase communication and the exchange of ideas led to complaints of a lack of privacy, noise, and increased stress. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the workplace now has its most important reason to change: the safety of its employees.

Without the separation of employees through private offices, cubicles or dividers of any kind, there is an increased risk of spreading disease. When employees begin returning to work after social-distancing measures are lifted or limited, remaining healthy will be at the forefront of their minds and employers who hope to retain their talent will be inclined to respond. One can expect to experience a return to private offices, less shared desk space and an increased distance between workers. This will be essential for not only the limitation of the virus but for collective mental health. Mitigating fear toward the idea of going to work every day will be one of the main focuses as we attempt to return to normalcy.

Lane Office has always understood the importance of adaptation as the world changes. With Falkbuilt NY, our digital component construction solutions are built to be future proof. One of the core benefits of our solution is its ability to respond to needs quickly, both as they arise and as they shift. Life during and after this pandemic may be uncertain but one thing that will remain constant is our dedication to creating spaces that best serve you and your employees. 

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