What to Expect as You Return to Work Post-Pandemic

Formulating a plan to return work amidst the uncertainty of this pandemic is a difficult but necessary task. It is important to move forward with the knowledge that we have accrued about the disease and its prevention, while understanding that the situation evolves daily. Therefore, a post-pandemic office must be adaptable to changing conditions. Here are a few features we can expect to see in offices everywhere:  

Private Meeting Areas  

Falkpod is the answer to a changing workspace. This 8 X 8, acoustically sound and beautiful space is incredibly quiet and the perfect spot for video calls with remote workers. This room is also ideal for small groups within an office, as larger conference rooms will be used less or perhaps phased out completely.


Shared desk spaces will be a thing of the past, as offices will be rearranged to ensure that employees are keeping a safe distance from one another. Lane Office provides partitions, both polyethylene and framed fabric, which are both easily cleanable.    

Integrated Technology  

Collaboration will always be a necessity in the workplace. With more people working from home, technology will be utilized more often. With Falkbuilt, technology is easily integrated into any setting.    

Cleanable Surfaces  

In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, it is vital that we utilize materials that are easy to clean. Falkskin is our standard finish for cladding, millwork and extrusions. It provides seamless protection from bacteria, moisture and wear and tear, making it a great option for preventing the spread of disease.  


As time goes on and we continue to learn more, more solutions will become available. For now, our focus is safety for you and your employees. Lane Office is proud to provide solutions that will not only serve to protect employees but make them feel comfortable in their environment as we begin to return the office.  


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