Working Spaces: The Advantages of Benching Versus Workstations

Have you heard about how “benching” is the latest trend in workspace design? Simply put, benching systems are used to create or convert a working space into a more open plan using bench-like desks, which more than one person can utilize at a time. Not only does it create an aesthetically pleasing environment, but it also has the perk of being highly functional. The modern day business associate loves the advantages of opening up their office, and everyone knows that a happy workspace means happier employees. Let’s take a closer look at how benching has evolved into a new and improved version of the traditional workstation.

Space and Cost Efficiency

If you are looking to save on space, benching is definitely the better choice in comparison to the typical workspace we’re so used to seeing. Benching has no paneling that divides working areas for each individual, making it an ideal set up for when you need to accommodate more people at a table. The simple design of benching lends itself to a clean working environment as well. With less room for less stuff, your workspace budget will end up going further than you expect.

Benching Means More Collaborating

With no more walls to hold ideas in, choosing benching over cubicle-like workstations allows for office employees to collaborate and thoughts to intermingle. Group interaction is encouraged through the benching environment, making for better departmental communication. Ultimately, benching means more collaboration and increased efficiency for your business.

Out With The Old And In With The New

Nothing is more passé than a cubicle workstation, not to mention all the less-than-positive associations that come along with the cubicle life. Stepping “outside of the box” with a benching system makes for a less crowded workspace. The new, sleek designs of benching systems that we offer at Lane Office are much more than visually appealing — they have the ability to open up space for individuals and to help businesses flourish.

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