Banking Client 2

Market Sector


  • Barn Doors
  • Media, Combination, Solid Glass and Cladding Walls
  • Glass Clerestory
  • Cornice
  • Back Painted Glass
  • Clear Tempered Glass
  • Direct to Substrate on Chromacoat
  • Chromacoat
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Veneer

Project Features

This credit union wanted to create a welcoming and efficient space for clients and employees that also reflected its corporate identity and commitment to sustainability. Custom graphics, aluminum and wood veneer work together in a cohesive design, yet allow for a unique character and identity for each space. Glass barn doors and wall surfaces maximize the working space and draw natural light into interior areas, creating a sense of openness; and a special children’s area offers a fun distraction while the adults talk finance. Efficient design and manufacturing methods, and its selection of environmentally responsible materials, support the building’s target of meeting LEED Silver Certification.

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