Corporate Client 7

Market Sector:


  • Pivot, barn and frameless glass barn doors
  • Solid, combination, glass clerestory and glass walls
  • Millwork
  • Cornice and Seismic
  • Ultra Thin Glass Tile
  • Tempered, back painted and clear tempered glass
  • Chromacoat
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Write Away

Project Features:
This digital pen/tablet manufacturer wanted its new space to reflect the creativity and innovation that its products enable. A modern and exciting space that encourages collaboration would also attract and retain the best and brightest candidates, a key business factor in the competitive marketplace of high tech. Bold graphics enliven the space. Glass surfaces invite natural light into the open office space. Writeable surfaces encourage quick collaboration and brainstorming. Right from the design phase the client recognized how plug and play modular power and data saves time and money in the initial buildout and simplifies future changes.

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