Legal Client 1

Market Sector


  • Glass Walls
  • Double Glazed Walls
  • Stick Built Glass
  • Powdercoat
  • Full Modular

Project Features
Some institutions — particularly in the legal sector — want to upgrade to a modern office design, while keeping their traditional aesthetic. Prefabricated Modular Construction allows for the best of both worlds. This project required high-end conference room partitions adjacent to the reception desk — a statement-making room near the client entrance. Using stick built glass with horizontal extrusions and a slate powder coat, as well as butt hinge doors, Modular office furniture systems helped achieve a modern design with the customary feel of a law firm. But the project did not end there — over 400 linear feet of single and double glazed walls with a variety of powder coat colors, custom fade glass and custom opaque glass were successfully installed — in two weeks.

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