Falkbuilt New York

Welcome to Falkbuilt New York, where we are digitizing interior construction for the commercial, healthcare and education industries. With Digital Component Construction, we manufacture everything in our factory and deliver precise pre-measured materials on-site, for a fast, efficient and clean installation. We have endless design options, superior aesthetics and enhanced acoustics. Let us help you create extraordinary, environmentally-conscious space for you and your employees.


It follows the same process as conventional construction but it reduces costs by shortening schedules.

Speed of Construction
Our systems are installed on-site with impeccable speed and ease that will shorten your schedule and make your budget go further.

Acoustic Performance
Our sound absorbing components have an STC rating of 47, so it can get loud and it will stay private.

We connect your design, engineering and business platforms to our next-gen tech to deliver seamless solutions.

With endless design options, we’re able to bring your vision to life. Our VR/AR gives you the ability to experience the environment before it goes to production.

We reduce waste from the design process all the way through to manufacturing and installation.


Gregory Burke                                                                   Lane Office
greg.burke@falkbuilt.com                                            256 West 38th Street, 5th floor               

516.313.7200                                                                       New York, NY 10018 

Gregory Burke

Lane Office
256 West 38th Street, 5th floor 
New York, NY 10018