Advertising Client 10

Market Sector
Advertising/Public Relations

Manufacturers Include

  • Knoll Antenna
  • Knoll Generation
  • Bernhardt
  • Coalesse

Project Features
Modern office design is incorporating creature comforts within the workplace. Amenities traditionally found outside the office walls are becoming more and more common on the premises. Moving these facilities inside, as our Chicago-based advertising client did, is more than just a convenience for employees — who view access to amenities as a sign of a trendy, successful company. This ease of access improves work efficiency and employee interaction. Need a jolt? Walk to the on-site coffee bar just beyond the reception desk. Can’t make it to the gym? Utilize the standing height treadmill desk.  Want to blow off some steam? Meet a co-worker at the foosball table next to the bar in the café. Time to stretch out but have to meet a deadline? Get comfortable with your laptop on some lounge seating in the meeting room alcoves. And yes, have some fun with the amenities — look closely at the office walls and partitions — each meeting room is named after a famous movie or television show set in Chicago.

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