Advertising Client 8

Market Sector
Advertising/Public Relations

Manufacturers Include

  • Allseating
  • Coalesse
  • Knoll Antenna
  • Knoll Generation

Project Features
Efficiency is maximum productivity with minimum waste — the theory behind Knoll Antenna. From the Latin root for “accomplishing,” efficiency, in operational resources — personnel, finances, time and infrastructure — breeds success.  The layout and design of your work environment has a direct impact on the operational efficiency of your business. Our Dallas-based advertising client maximizes their real estate footprint with this brilliantly conceived office design. Benching workstations include mobile pedestals, undersurface credenzas and integrated open shelving to minimize the square footage use per employee, without sacrificing storage capabilities. Three high filing cabinets with common white laminate file tops double as collaborative standing height work areas for employees. Personal lockers along the interior wall provide additional storage compartments, as well as the opportunity for a splash of color. Not an inch of real estate is overlooked — our workspace furniture solutions promote efficiency by reducing waste and maximizing space.

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