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At this point in the evolution of business, it is crucial for any company with dreams of longevity to put an emphasis on the integration of technology into their business model. In the case of Time Inc., steps were taken in the form of a move from their famed, flagship Midtown address – a building they occupied for decades, to two new locations, 225 Liberty Street located in Downtown Manhattan and Industry City located in Brooklyn. Technology can be seen in every corner of these offices, along with the new generation of workers who have become synonymous with it.

The integration of technology into the design was one aspect that Lane Office’s Director of Operations, Rick Karim, felt was essential. Time Inc.’s long list of publications produce various forms of digital content, from two-minute videos to their own web shows. With digital media becoming so prevalent, their new offices needed to be well-equipped. After the spaces were completed and the client had moved in, Karim said, “It is impressive to see in person–and gratifying to know we played a part in providing the environment in which they generate this content.”

Good design is aesthetic working in tandem with function. It is our job to assist the architect and client in meeting these requirements. You have to ask the right questions – What will the space be used for? Which team will be using the space and how do they use it? What is important to that team’s day-to-day work? Will a space be used for client meetings or for internal use only? The answers to these questions dictate the overall design intent. Lane Office’s Design Director, Cindy DeFronzo, said when asked about the project, “The workplace is a living, breathing environment – outside of personnel, it is the most important tool at our client’s disposal and it is our job to help make it both beautiful and functional.”

Millennial or not, the new offices at 225 Liberty and Industry City, with a combined 755,000 square feet, provide Time Inc.’s 3,100 employees with amenities that anyone would enjoy. Some of 225 Liberty’s most notable features are its terrace overlooking the Hudson River, a wine room, multiple fashion and beauty closets and a 160-seat cafeteria. Industry City provides Time Inc.’s tech department with a 5,000 square foot automotive showroom, a library, ground floor shops and restaurants and outdoor tables and seating.

The future of workspace design is – and will continue to be – dictated by the generational shift in the workforce we are currently in the midst of. A one-time “traditional” company is shifting to a more open environment – more low horizon workstations and less offices, more collaborative meeting areas and less conference rooms. Those are radical changes to how their employees will interact on a daily basis.

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