Adopt-a-Soldier Pack 2015

Lane Office teamed up again with Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon to help deliver packages to overseas troops this November. Gregory F. Burke was appointed “Honorary Bad-Ass” by AaSP founder Alan Krutchkoff. Burke also donated an additional $5,000.00 to supporting the organization on the spot. Employees from Lane Office were happy to donate their time and smiles towards spreading Christmas cheer to our men and women in uniform. “Anecdotally, I’ll tell you. Last Christmas, I got a bunch of emails from people serving around the world. I got some on Christmas morning and that was one of the best Christmas presents I ever got,” Burke recalled, emotionally. “It’s become something that our company can be involved with and the folks who work for us at Lane Office feel like they’re helping…and making a difference.”

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