This is DIRTT

Doing it Right This Time, DIRTT, uses sophisticated technology that allows clients to seamlessly transition from design to real-time 3D specifications all the way to the production floor. The result is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of customizing sustainable interiors. As the exclusive NYC partner for DIRTT, Lane is dedicated to helping clients BUILD BETTER.

DIRTT’s plan, design, build, live process transforms any building into the perfect workspace. Labor costs are lowered, spaces are more responsive to change, and you decide what your office looks like.

Employees start planning before construction to ensure that your company’s interiors reflect your goals.

Compatible software makes the design of your space easily personalized to fit the needs of your team.

Exact precision in the building process allows little to no waste, fast installation, and cooperation with other trades.

Livable architecture allows you to respond to employee work styles as you repurpose, reconfigure, and renew your space over time.

Integrated Technology

  • As it always does, technology will change. DIRTT Walls are impervious to change. Universal mounting abilities — inside and outside the walls — means whatever comes next will fit without demolition or rebuilding and eliminates all the attendant noise, material disposal and energy waste. DIRTT does not predict the future. We just go with it.


  • Digital graphical elements add to any workspace experience. Whether branding, photographic, or custom colors, DIRTT provides visual application to any environment for any space.


  • Custom millwork at a fraction of the speed, cost and effort. Unlike conventional millwork, DIRTT Millwork offers a set price, a fast lead-time, smooth install and long-term agility. Using ICE® software, the designer designs while the software specifies, prices and produces manufacturing information. The perfect piece is produced quickly and without error.

Writable Surfaces

  • Writable surfaces make for better collaboration and brainstorming, all while keeping your space looking sharp.

Sound Masking

  • Sound masking is the technology we use to achieve speech privacy for a specific area that is plagued by distraction and discomfort. This is done by adding neutral noise to the background so as to render the distracting noise powerless. You’ve heard of a smart phone?  Well, this is the smart sound masking system in that it anticipates what changes need to be made and adjusts automatically.  The sensor measures the disruptive noise and automatically adjusts the volume higher or lower dependent upon the moment’s specific needs.

Willow Glass

  • Material, shipping, and installation costs are all lower with Willow. Willow Glass is the same thickness as two human hairs – since the glass is so thin custom graphics, company logos, and wood or stone graphics are crisp and clear providing unmatched optical clarity.

Infection Prevention

  • Effective design details and hospital-grade finishes help to reduce infection transfer and touch points, supporting disinfection protocols for a healthier environment.

DIRTT Denim Insulation

  • DIRTT uses cotton denim insulation that is 80% post-consumer recycled content. The final product is 100% cotton fiber, a rapidly renewable resource. Insulation scraps left over in DIRTT’s manufacturing process are collected and periodically sent back to the manufacturer for reuse in new product, creating a zero waste stream.

DIRTT Ceiling

  • Micro perforated technology subtly produces impressive acoustic properties. 75% of noise hitting the tile is absorbed. This combined with sound masking creates excellent speech privacy. It’s also provides accessibility for lighting, air conditioning, and equipment integration. DIRTT Ceiling installs perfectly with a standard suspension system.